Cans of Vice Products

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Ours is a truly guilt-free cocktail made with natural ingredients and an incomparable taste

Cans of Vice Products

VICE White

A sophisticated blend of coconut, cucumber, lime, and mint.

Designed with travel in mind, Vice White will take you on a vacation - even if you never leave home. With a cucumber-coconut base, and notes of mint & lime will remind you of a delicious mojito with a twist! You’ll find your mind travelling poolside with Vice White.

Suggested pairings include:

  • The Perfect Playlist

  • Yacht Parties

  • Bikinis

  • New Best Friends

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Cans of Vice Products

VICE Black

A refined blend of watermelon and kiwi fruit.

There’s something about watermelon that says summer, even if it’s in the middle of winter. Cut with kiwi fruit, this dangerous duo will have you appreciating how tart and tangy can tango. This delicious combo will have you reminiscing of your favorite candy, without the sweetness overload.

Suggested pairings include:

  • Living Room Dance Party

  • Backyard BBQ

  • A First Kiss

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Cans of Vice Products

VICE Smash

A smashing blend of pomegranate, cranberry and ginger.

Warm pomegranate-cranberry will have you remembering some of the best times with your loved ones. Top things off with a delicious hint of ginger, will have you wanting more good times and great conversations. Only fun festivities lie ahead with this cocktail in your hand!

Suggested pairings include:

  • Family Gatherings

  • Great Food

  • Warm Hugs

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For Ontario Only

We'd love to serve all of you, however at the present we are limited to selling online in Ontario. Please keep visiting our website as we share the love to other provinces and the U.S.

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It's not good, It's better!

What would the perfect cocktail look like if it had everything you wanted? Perhaps it’s sophisticated, yet made with natural ingredients and complex, but not too sweet.

At Vice Spirits, we wanted to create a line of ready-to-drink cocktails that could be the best they could be, while still containing 5% alcohol. It had to be real, with nothing artificial, gluten-free and using organic ingredients. We wanted it to be something light that wouldn’t feel too heavy or hard. Having high standards, we also wanted it to be interesting and complex enough that it tasted like a hand-crafted cocktail from a sophisticated mixologist.

Made with our award-winning, 6x distilled organic vodka that is gluten-free. Vice is here to bring a new standard of what you can enjoy in a can.